Watch It Grow - 20 Litre Liquid Fertiliser

Watch It Grow - 20 Litre Liquid Fertiliser

Want to stay away from those Damaging Chemicals?

Watch it Grow is a Fish biostimulant - ALL PURPOSE FERTILISER!

Harvested from the cold, clean, clear southern waters of New Zealand; Watch It Grown is suitable for: Vegetables, Fruit Trees, House Plants, Orchards, Roses,Bulbs, Perennials and Lawns.

INGREDIENTS: N = 1.22% P = 0.32% K = 0.12% Crude protein = 10% 16% Amino Acids of which 10% are free, all in L-Alpha form.


Watch it Grow is responsibly harvested from the cold, clear, clean waters off the coast of New Zealand. Made from fresh fish that is minced with a fish concentrate, we then inoculate this slurry with a proprietary blend of cultures, vitamins and enzymes, which “digest” the animal protein.

After lots of stirring, then filtering, the liquid fertiliser is cured for up to six months. This extended digestion period ensures the fertiliser emulsifies easily and is an effective foliar spray.

Watch it Grow takes time and does not use heat or additional water. This means all the natural nutrients of the fish, as well as the added cultures, vitamins and enzymes remain present in the end product. This unique process makes Watch it Grow an effective biostimulant and amino acid fertiliser - turning fish by-products into a valuable growing tool.


1. Shake the bottle well before use.

2. Mix 5mls of Watch it Grow per one litre of water for vegetables, herbs, fruit trees, house plants, bulbs and perennials and 5-10ml per one litre for roses and lawns.

3. Using a watering can, apply Watch it Grow to the soil thoroughly drenching the root areas or apply to the plants leaves with a foliar spray.

4. Apply every seven to ten days during active growth and every two to four weeks for house plants during spring and autumn.