Semi Professional Brush Cutter - 52cc (2017 Model)

Semi Professional Brush Cutter - 52cc (2017 Model)


We've sold HUNDREDS of Brush cutters and our customers keep coming back!


This brush cutter will save you time and effort, enabling you to get stuck into the garden and clean up!


We offer a 12 MONTH WARRANTY back to base non commercial use or 3 month commercial warranty (Misuse and fair wear and tear excluded.)


Buy with confidence, manufactured by KNK ® - The Power Pro built for the USA and Spanish Market our garden equipment has a premier distinction against no branded cheap imports.


If you're looking for a semi professional brush cutter that will do the job then this is the brush cutter for you!


YES we hold spare parts!





* Top Quality

* Quick Start

* Very Sturdy

* Super Strong Casing

* Long Life Motor

* Low Vibration

* Easy To Use

* Super Sharp Blade

* Nice Hand Grip

* Sturdy Frame

* Full Harness




* Type of handle: Double handle

* Type: 1-cylinder,2-stroke,air-cooled

* Rotating direct of blade: Counter-clockwise

* Blade: Fits any Rhombus; 3teeth, 4teeth, 8teeth, 30teech, 40teeth, 80teeth

* Comes with FREE 3 teeth blade and Nylon Head & Full Harness

* Engine: Petrol 2 Stroke Commercial Grade

* Displacement: 51.7cc

* Carburetor: Diaphragm type

* Start system: self-return hand-operated start

* Fuel oil: Petrol and 2 Stroke oil: 1:25

* Fuel Tank: 1.1L

* Weight 7.8KG

* Model: KM0408537